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Letters from our pups new owners

I get enjoyment knowing that my Scotties are going to good homes. Here is the kind of emails I get back. It shows how much they like their new Scottie pups

Here is a previous buyer list. I have removed the email address for the new owners privacy. But if you are interested in a pup you can email me and I will give you the complete list for you to email

If you notice misspelled text it is because it is all in their original words

Hi Bill! Here are some recent pictures of this wonderful dog. She is doing
great and fits right in to the family.
Hi Bill --
Just wanted to let you know that Mae continues to thrive -- everyone always comments on what a beautiful, sweet girl she is -- her face is positively elegant!!!
How are things with you? Are you planning any litters in the near future?
Thanks again for our wonderful girl,
Latham Hunter: Re: Mae
Sure, if you have a black female with good specs (good bite, tail not overly long, ears not too big, etc.) please give me a shout! Mae's dam and sire turned out a fabulous girl, so perhaps if you're breeding them together again? Or would you recommend another combination?
My girl Clover had her first litter this summer -- it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to many more!
Thanks for the info. I sent off for the puppy starter
kit. Alistair and Fergus are doing great and getting
along fine with our other scottie, Tavish. The babies
made the trip back to CA in the RV with no problems.
Neither one of them seemed to be fazed by the new
experience. I will send you some photos once they get
a little older. It was a pleasure doing business with
you. PFSHenry
Dear June and Bill,
Henry, the little girl and I arrived home safely Friday afternoon, even before all the 4:00 traffic. My little Henry is a doll....that little girl is so sweet looking but real aggressive towards Henry...she's definitely an alpha female.We took her to Silverdale sat. am to meet Giselle and her husband Mike....they're very nice and loved the way their baby girl everybody was happy. Henry enjoys going outside to potty and does well with paper training...we take him out side often ...he loves chasing leaves, sticks and my two cats...he actually justs want to play,but one cat is like 17 yrs. old and the other was raised with my other he'll warm up to henry. The parrot just looks at Henry...they're kept very separate....I'd be worried the parrot would get hurt even unintentionally.
Henry didn't last long in his crate very long at bedtime....I couldn't take the he ended up sleeping with me...he actually did very accidents....he woke me up twice to potty. He's a lovey puppy and I couldn't be more thrilled...Thanks so very much..
Hope your trip home went well.

Hello Bill,
We made it home safe and sound!
The women at the airport went nuts over him.
He cried a lot, but once we got home, he sniffed around and
played until he fell asleep!
He is wonderful!
Thanks again!
Hi Bill:
Well we just got in and I thought I would let you know immediately that she arrived
all right. We had a little mixup in where to actually pick her up, but they took
excellent care of her and kept her nice and warm. She rode all the way home
inside my shirt just as sweet as could be.
She is everything you said; absolutely gorgeous!!!
Thanks again for everything. I will keep you informed of her progress.
Len Ryan
As I told your Mom over the phone yesterday, Cooper arrived safe and sound. He is doing great and not wasting any time in displaying his terrific personality. Our three year old Scotty male has taken an immediate liking to him and Copper gets really excited whenever Bisbee comes by for a sniff!All the paperwork arrived yesterday as well and I have signed the purchase agreement and will send it off you tomorrow.
Thanks again for everything and we will send off a picture to you after Cooper grows a bit.
Ron Gallo
Anthony Pracilio
Hi, Bill!
Just a quick note to let you know how smart my Duffy is!!!!!!! He now has not only me, but my husband as well, wrapped around his paw... Oh, and what a looker, he is...
Best to you, your mother, and everyone involved with your care of these marvelous terriers.
Carol Ann

dear bill and june,
just a quick update to let you know henry is as cute as ever....he does pretty well at housebreaking....he's so funny cause he'll lay on his back and let you scratch his chest and under his chin.....he's very sweet when he isn't biting you....he's been teething...he's got plenty of chew toys...he likes to chase his buddy, scoobie the cat that's about 12 lbs...henry's been great to have around....thanks so much..
Hi Bill
I've attached a few photos of Cooper.
These were taken when he turned three months old.
He is incredible. Smart, healthy, loving (loves to be hugged)and a heck of a lot of fun.
I've included one photo of him playing with his "big brother" Bisbee. They get along great.
Hope you enjoy the pictures
just wanted to let you know that she has been a great addition to our family. Her personality is outstanding.
regarding a female wheaton scottie puppy
Hi, my name is Lauren and I live in Arizona. This past summer I was in Marietta GA, and I fell in love with a little wheaton puppy, and they got her from you. I also saw a little puppy here in Phoenix, and sure enough, she also came from you. I am dying to have a wheaton female puppy! I called and talked to your mother on the phone, and she said that you will be expecting your next liter of puppies in March, please let me know what I have to do to get a puppy from you. I can send a deposit, or whatever it takes! Thanks so much! Please e-mail me back with info! Thanks so much!

I drove from California over the summer to pick up a black female pup from you. I am just writing to let you know she is great. She has had her second haircut and looks great. I was hopping to see some of your other puppies. Could you send me some pictures and I will do the same. We named her Lacy.Thanks
Greg Berry
The teacher
Thought you would like to see our Miss Ivy. She has really grown and is
quite solid. She rules the roost and has our Westie following her
directions. Ivy is a real joy to have in the house and her personality
grows each day. Can't believe that she is coming up on a year in a month.
As a reminder Ivy came to Mesa Arizona last year.
Hope you enjoy the photo.
David Almond

Thanks for your nice email, Bill. I had another night like last night when I left pup in his creature-comfort and gated laundry room, with open kennel. By 1:30 AM he was into big- time operatic whimpering so I brought him up beside my bed, in his kennel. So be it. Kudos for your good info. on Scotties. Keep sending any pup news and tips to me.

Yes, you may share my email with others. If you need any testimonials for references I will be glad to write one for you. Casey is napping at my feet now as I type to you in my computer room. I wet some washcloths, wrung them out, rolled them up and froze each in the freezer. Easy to take out when Casey needs some chewing for his teething (beats my "finger-food")...

Now you'll be able to concentrate on your last 2 litters, so there is only one more left for sale now? Good news travels fast, Bill and June. It was so nice to meet you and your extended family of Scotties. Laurie Pelletier
Subject: Hi Bill and June
Hi folks, this is a note from Laurie and Jerry.

We had a nine hour trip back home (took the longer but prettier Columbia River scenic drive) and Casey was good as gold. He slept most of the way and seemed to get to know us, he can study and stare you down, ha! So now I'm his mama, I guess. He seems fascinated with hair, my 2 daughters are also blonde and he also liked to touch their hair last night. I am a stay at home mama so he gets attention. Last night after our girls played and oowed- and- awed with him for 2 hours I thought we had him prepared for the night in laundry room with all creature comforts incl. his mama's bue towel, hot water bottle, alarm clock, etc. But by 4:15 AM he was howling away so I went down and comforted him (rocking chair - he was in my arms) and decided to put him in the crate and haul him upstairs next to my bed, he slept so well afterward. Live and Learn Department.

I will drop Casey pic's and updates to you folks. Oh, a lady from AZ ws so interested in Casey at a rest stop in OR. so I gave her your card. She has a Westie back in AZ and was bringing a friend home or doggie would have been along. She would like to find a Scottie for company for her dear Westie. I didn't catch her name but she seemed very nice. ( 'Then aren't all doggie people?!)

Thanks again for doing a wonderful job with socializing Casey. My doggie neighbors today were so impressed with Casey's good manners and friendliness, not scared of meeting folks.He is adjusting to the show lead for walking very well. I will fill out his name on the pedigree: Casey the Snowball (in honor of Shasta)..

I hope Buffy has a good week after her pups leave her side...I can imagine how difficult that will be... When do you next expect a litter of pups?? Casey seems to enjoy watching Animal Planet's ANIMAL BABIES show on our big screen tv today..He's very aware.

Aloha from The Pacific Northwest. If you get up this way, stop by and see us and Casey.
Thanks so much for your helpful suggestions and for showing us your beautiful pack of Scotties... Hugs to them all. Laurie Pelletier


Hi Bill,

Megan is doing just great. She's starting to grow (no wonder, the way she eats -
she's my little "pig") and right now she seems to have more hair than body. She
looks like a cuddly stuffed animal. She loves her attention and loves to run in the
Thanks for the pictures - your dogs are absolutely beautiful. Shasta really caught
my eye, and the picture of Brindie & Shasta's pup is outstanding - what an awesome
background for such a gorgeous pup.
Bill, I would like to thank you - you are one of the nicest and honest breeders I have
talked to. You go above and beyond what is necessary to help new Scotty owners
like me, and I am impressed with your concern about your dogs' welfare, and making
sure they go to good homes. I really look forward to getting a pup from one of your upcoming litters. Please let me know the minute they are born. I am looking for a
show dog, as we joined a couple of clubs that hold shows and I would truly like to
become involved with showing. My vet is very into Scotties and she stated that Megan
has very good bone structure, carries herself very well, and should turn out to be an outstanding female. She is impressed with my fresh food diet and has put Megan
on a vitamin supplement just to be sure she receives her amino acids. Hope I am
not boring you, but once I get started talking about Megan I can't stop - I love to talk
about her. I am enjoying her so much!I really look forward to receiving mail from you, especially the pictures. I enjoy looking
at the breeders and the pups. It gives me an idea of how beautiful Megan is going to
Talk to you soon.


p.s. - Tropical depression Bonnie has been through already - she left a lot of rain,
but no damaging winds. She did cause a couple of tornados, but no real damage.
Now we are waiting for Hurricane Charley who is due tomorrow around 2 pm.
We all made it home to Anthem. Mattie got a clean bill of health from the Vet. She has the sweetest disposition!!! We just love her. Finley has tried to put her in her place, but she is not having any of it. She pretty much ignores him when he gets pushy. Thank You Bill, she is a lovely little pup, and she will take the edge off losing our Finley. Bill and Viv.
To: IdahoScotties
Hi Bill! Yes, she is getting quite spoiled, but that's what I do best with puppies.
She is such a joy - every day a little more character comes out and we are
having so much fun with her! She already knows when it's time to eat -she
goes and sits in the kitchen and waits very patiently to be fed.
I would be interested in a black male and yes, I would like him to be
un-related to Megan. Bill, in the short time that we have had Megan, she is
beginning to fill out beautifully, and with her temperment and social graces,
I believe she will be show quality, and we are both working toward that goal.
Now I would also love to have a well built male which I could show with her.
I have always wanted to show a dog, and from what I can already see from
Megan, your Scotties have that quality. They have a great temperment and
are very social. Megan greets all our friends with a wagging tail and loves
to play and be held.
We are so thrilled with Megan, I want to be first on your list for that special puppy
from one of your August litters and would gladly send you a deposit now. Just
let me know.
Talk to you soon.

That's great.
He is doing great. I had a basket, that I had gotten as a gift, sitting by the hutch were the phone is and I had just bought a carpet to put on the floor in front of the shower. I think I was busy and didn't put it up right away so I laid it in the basket to get it out of the way. Well, he has claimed it as his bed. The rug is really soft, that's why I bought it so our feet would have something soft to stand on while we dried off. He was so cute, he climbed in it and fell asleep. I noticed he had disappeared around the corner and I had thought he was eating but he had curled up in it and was fast asleep. Next time I will get a picture of it and send it.I am having a hard time naming him. He is so sweet a fluffy. He loves to run and play. He looks like a little bear in the grass. My boys have not mowed the lawn yet and he was out back with them playing.
Thanks for everything.
Diana Thompson


Hi Bill -here is a pic of Shalee after her first hair cut looking pretty. Will send you a pic of Shelby but she was too busy playing tonight for me to get a pic. Hillary

Bill, the pup is doing fine. She has pretty much adapted to her new environment.
I believe she has explored every inch of the house and yard and seems to be
quite content. She eats really well, loves to run in the back yard and is crazy
about my 9 year old granddaughter. She sleeps in the bed with us and loves to lay on the sofa in the TV room. She went to our vet Tuesday and she was very impressed with
her - said she had good bone structure and was very healthy. She started her on her
shots. She gets a little feisty every once in a while, but that's just part of being a
Scotty, and that's fine. We just love her! She has us pretty much under control, and
she has already started training us.
You made mention of another litter possibly in August. Please keep me in mind and
let me know when the litter is born, and if it's not too much trouble, please e-mail us
a photo of the parents of that litter.
I have signed and mailed the Bill of Sale, so you should be receiving it in a few days.
I will keep you posted on Megan's progess and will send pictures as she grows.
We thank you again for the beautiful puppy- she is everything that you said she was.
Talk to you soon.

Wonderful! I have to tell you that Mae is the most affectionate of all our Scotties -- she's an outrageous flirt and loves to cuddle. She is also very handsome -- a real treasure. I'll be sure to keep you updated -- we bred her a month ago and are hoping she'll have some pups.


This is Diana. We got home late. The puppy got here just fine. He was not alone. There were other puppies on the flight too. We picked him up and took him out of his crate for the ride home and he was ready to play. When we got him home we let him out to go potty. He ran around the yard and sniffed everything. He even barked at a bird, he was so cute. He then went in and climbed in a basket that I have sitting by the phone on the floor, i think my son has a book bag in it, and put his head on the bag and took a nap.
Thank you so much, he is so sweet and playful. We love him already. Let me know when you get the rest of that money. I didn't get it in the mail till Friday so you should get it anyday.
I will send you some pictures later.
home safe and sound. she is everything I expected. isabelle really took to her and they are inseparable.
will write and send pic tomorrow.
she is beautiful.
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